The impact of racism on heart disease among African Americans

The Angry Heart Collaborative:
Connections Help Create a Healthier Community.
Board of Advisors:
         Reverend William E. Dickerson, Pastor, Greater Love Tabernacle in Dorchester, a prominent leader in the African American community
         Elmer Freeman, Executive Director of CCHERS, Director of Urban Health Programs and Policy
         Reverend Gregory Groover, Pastor, The Historic Charles Street AME Church in Boston and Vice Chair of the Black Ministerial Alliance
         Mary Ann Hardenbergh, longtime social activist and community organizer with a long history of work in civil rights, education, and racial health disparities.
         Muriel Heiberger, Ed.D., widely known locally and nationally as the founder and former Executive Director of Massachusetts Immigration & Advocacy Coalition (MIRA).
         Dr. Deborah Prothrow-Stith,  Professor of Public Health Practice, Harvard University School of Public Health
      The project is co-directed by Jay Fedigan, creator of The Angry Heart, a documentary about the impact of racism on health, and Paula Parnagian, president of World View Services, a diversity, conflict, and organizational consulting firm.